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All three of my boys are friends of Bing! If there’s something Bing! needs doing, they’re there.  Last week they featured in a little video he put together, they’ve tweeted with him and on Hero’s second birthday, they bought most of his toys for the smallest Bingster of our family.  Of all of the toys Hero has, there’s one he needs and asks for every day now, and not when you’d think.  It’s Bedtime Bing and Owly night light.

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Bedtime Bing and Owly Night Light At 2.50pm, when I’m scurrying to finish whatever I’m doing and look vaguely presentable for the afternoon school run – well done to those of you who look like you do at 3pm, I have no idea how you do it – Hero is grabbing his Teddy Bear [a huge fluffy blanket] and asking for Bing-Owly.  Once I’ve tucked him into the stroller with teddy bear blanket, Bing is positioned under there with him, and Owly is switched on.  Within ten minutes, Hero is fast asleep with them, snuggled up and missing the monotony and sometimes horrors of the school pick up.

Bedtime Bing and Owly Night Light

Bedtime Bing and Owly Night Light Meant as a bedtime toy, Hero uses this for nap time each and every day and it works SO well.  I push down Owly’s little head and depending on where you’ve positioned the switch, Owly soothes playing the Bing tune as a lullaby and other tunes, and glows rainbow or orange.  Bing has his Hoppity Voosh pyjamas on ready for a snuggle too.


The quality – brilliant and well worth the investment.

After 15 minutes, Owly shuts off automatically so that the batteries don’t run down needlessly .

Owly and Bing look just like they should – exact replicas of the show.


Bing’s Hoppity Voosh pyjamas came off as Hero loves dressing his toys up at the moment.

We received Bedtime Bing and Owly Night Light for the purposes of this review – you can buy yours at Smyths.

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