Craft Stash Storage Ideas

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A dedicated crafter’s stash can soon get impressive. It can’t be helped. If you want to craft, you’ve got to have stuff to craft with, right? Storing everything so you can find it when you need it and quickly decide how much (if any) of a thing you need to buy is very satisfying. Just seeing all those lovely items ready to go is nearly as pleasing as making something. We’ve rounded up a few good ideas to help you get organised, including creative ways with everyday objects or using self storage for crafting collections. Skim through and use any that make sense for your unique crafting needs.

Caddy Storage

There are loads of different types of stash caddy, and some that aren’t meant for stash at all but that work really well.

Trolleys on Wheels – having several deep shelves, these are brilliant when you need to keep items together but have them portable enough to move around. Place it by your chair, or wheel it to the table when you need a leaning surface, or when a few people are sharing materials.
Static craft drawers – readily available and inexpensive, the transparent drawers give you a hint of what’s inside and are deep enough for stacks of paper, pots or palettes of paint or folded lengths of fabric.
Vases, jars and bottles – handy and decorative for storing pens and pencils, small tools like rulers or scissors, straight knitting needles or DPNs or rolls of ribbon and tape. Decorating jars is a lovely craft by itself, and great to do with kids.
Ring binders and box files – to keep all your printed patterns or templates in one place and easy to find.
Makeup or toiletry bags – useful as pencil cases or storage for circular knitting needles. If your circular needle and cord/cable collection is large, try using plastic envelopes labelled with the needle size or cord length. Store your tips in one and
cords in another, then put them all in a large toiletries bag to keep them together.
Toolboxes or fishing tackle boxes – brilliant for easy, portable storage of all kinds of crafting stash and materials or tools.
A kitchen roll holder – makes a great ribbon or washi tape dispenser.

A Crafting Corner

If you have a spare room you can turn into a craft studio, you’re blessed with the ideal situation. Most of us, though, make do with a corner in the living room, and that’s good too. There are many ways to make it functional, tidy, and cosy.

 Instead of a side table by your chair, have a small cabinet where you can pop your often-used crafting materials. There’s room on top for an angle-poise lamp when you need a little extra light.
 If you prefer to cordon off an area of a room that you’ll dedicate to crafting, try turning a tall bookcase so it’s perpendicular to the wall. The shelves provide plenty of space for craft equipment or baskets of supplies, and the turned out bookcase creates a psychological barrier between the craft area and the seating or dining areas.
 Use the walls to inspire and enable creativity. A simple peg board with a few hooks or rails is great for small tools or jars filled with notions and accessories, or hang your own art or inspirational quotes and images above your desk or chair. Having a dedicated crafting corner helps keep all the bits and bobs together. It’s also useful if you craft with kids as they soon learn where things belong and where to put them away when they’ve finished. In an ideal world, anyway – we live in hope!

More Mindful Crafting

Another thing to think about is whether you actually need to keep all your crafting materials at home. Some of those items are on the large side, not to mention expensive. Most crafters go through shifting creative phases. One year you might endlessly sew, the next year you’ll paint, then papercraft, even get into spinning or maybe wood turning or pyrography, weaving or pottery. The world of crafting is huge and gloriously varied.

Instead of trying to find space at home for expensive tools or machines currently lying idle, investigate self storage. The cost of self storage is probably less than you imagine, and the benefits are huge. You’ll gain loads of extra space for the things you use most days and protect your previous investments at the same time. If you don’t need an entire room you can also rent larger lockers so you never need spend more than necessary.

Getting your crafting stash organised is very rewarding. Just make sure you also spend time using those lovely, creative materials as well as organising and admiring them.

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