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Pre-parenthood, Sunday mornings were textbook easy.  Sure, we had to let the huskies out in the the garden and eventually take them for a walk, but they really didn’t care if we read newspapers in bed, drank cups of tea and took our good old time in getting up.

Now, there’s no tea in bed – children, tea and white duvets do not mix – no papers [“Mommy, what are you reading? Can you tell us the story?”] and no staying in bed.  So when I the Sunday Times asked us to take a look at their New Look Magazine, I decided that, in the name of research, I would take to bed…and leave the boys with the mister downstairs.  

Truth be told, I haven’t opened a magazine of my own in months.  I think July 2015 was the last time I did, a copy of Mollie Makes.  I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from the little magazine that peeked from the centre of the Sunday Times.

Realising I’d better make it quick before the revolt started downstairs, I opened to discover that a good friend of mine was about to be delighted to find Jeremy Clarkson writing in the new Life section – and that there was a lot more packed into the pages of the supplement than I imagined.

Firstly I found myself nodding along and smiling to the article on cynicism by Indian Knight, then smiling even more at a piece on the love lives of swans – and as I walked by the pond later in the afternoon and watched a pair of swans together, I felt oddly satisfied that I’d learned something too.

I’ve saved the piece on Dita Von Teese for later – along with noting the quote in bold on on of her interview pages which mentions which colour to paint your walls, and why – and found myself drawn to the photograph of Taylor Swift and her #squad dancing around her.

Most of all though, the visuals got me.  My favourite pages by far were those of the ice-fishing huts.  The layout, colours, brevity of text – everything about it pleased me.  I love snippets of information that make me curious as to the world around me – and I’ve always been fascinating by life on the frozen tundra.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the magazine over the coming weeks – and discovering that I can read it on my iPhone via a handy app is even better.

I’ve saved a few articles to read later – including one on a bear attack – and look forward to making the chili I glanced at before I was called back downstairs for birthday cake.  A new Sunday habit has formed for me….and all in the name of research.

I was compensated by the Sunday Times Magazine for this article. My views are my own, and honest.

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  1. I think that retiring to bed in the name of research is a brilliant idea!! I always make a beeline for the Sunday Times Style magazine each week – it is my 'must read' every Sunday!

  2. We usually spend our Sunday afternoons in Cafe Nero with the Sunday paper split between us. Alex gets the main section, Emma the fashion and I always enjoy the magazine. Love your photos!xx

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