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This evening I might just be winning the worst parent award.  Getting Jensen’s clothes ready for school tomorrow, I noticed his coat in the kitchen and was rifling through his pockets to empty the sticks and stones he collected after his birthday scoot at the Common, when I noticed how thin his coat felt compared to when we bought it last year.  Then I noticed the fur was missing from around his hood – and worse still, his zip is completely broken.  Calling him into the kitchen, Jensen tells me that yes, he’s been cold at playtimes but decided he would just use the buttons on his coat to try and keep it together without the zip.
Wondering where I was going to get a coat from at short notice, without leaving the house [coat shopping with three boys alone in the week isn’t fun] and without breaking the bank, I decided to try Regatta as Hero has the sweetest fox rainproof suit that he still wears snuggly whenever it’s rainy on the school run.  And…. I scored a coat for £13.45!  A weatherproof, “Whackie Jacket” which is Mario-red [very important] jacket that will be here tomorrow.  I think I might be reinstated as the best mom when the post office arrives.

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