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Despite everything you know, everything you’ve read, if you’ve witnessed your precious child suffer a febrile convulsion, fevers are terrifying experiences.
When Jensen Indiana was ten months old, just a few days after Christmas, he had what we assumed was a miserable cold and he fell asleep as normal, lay under the twinkly fairy lights strung through our family bedstead, having nursed to dreamland contentedly.
Just before 10pm when I checked on him, his temperature was raised and as he was fine, I left him to get ready for bed myself.  By 11pm,  I was holding him as he shook in his sleep and the mister was calling accident and emergency.  It was a febrile convulsion, and he had contracted H1N1.
At the hospital we were admitted and they gave his tiny body paracetamol and ibuprofen like clockwork, blowing on his face to encourage him to swallow it, as his body felt like a radiator.  It was terrifying, but apparently harmless and a result of the underlying virus and because his temperature spiked too fast; by the following day his fever was reducing and we were released to go home.
 Since then, any fever and I’ve watched my boys like a hawk.  Since they’re pretty rowdy
rambunctious, when they’re ill, unless they’re feeling really poorly, they don’t slow down.  So early detection of a fever, or knowing whether there’s an illness that needs treating can be difficult.

Often in our household, we’re also all feeling yucky at the same time and my hand on their foreheads, guessing whether they have a temperature just isn’t that reliable.  We’ve tried other thermometers, both forehead and under the arm, and they’ve both taken too long to measure the boys’ temperatures and I’ve been doubtful of their accuracy in any case.This month we’ve been trying out the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Ear Thermometer.


The thermometer costs £34.99 and is widely available.  It’s so simple to use.  In brief, it’s a very user friendly shape that sits comfortably into the hand, with a button that is easy to reach whilst also holding the thermometer in place.  It comes with a lithium cell battery (hooray!) and 8 hygiene covers for single use.  The thermometer is designed to be suitable for newborn use and throughout the

It features an LCD display which displays the temperature in celsius or fahrenheit, depending on your preference.

We Love…

…that the thermometer stores up to nine readings – which is handy if you only have one poorly person and are doing readings over a period of time – particularly at night when you don’t have a pen and paper handy to record the temperatures.

…that the power switches off after a minute.  No flat battery by accident!

…the fever alarm.  The thermometer beeps once to say that the reading is taken, and then if there is a fever, it beeps three times in quick succession.  This is brilliant, because either there’s a fever or there isn’t, the numbers don’t mean a great deal to me as a momma.  Hearing those beeps tells me in the dark that either my boys are feverish or not.

The super fast reading.  One second.  In the ear, press the button, beep.  It’s done.

We Wish…

…that the thermometer came with a lot more of the disposable covers in the initial pack.  It feels a little like a forced sell with only 8 in the pack.  Packs of 40 are available at around £4.99.

…the thermometer came with somewhere to store the hygiene covers.  It feels a little strange to have hygiene covers and nowhere hygienic to store them.

…we had a little more faith in the readings themselves.  The accuracy of the readings (although we do take an average over three as recommended) can sometimes vary quite greatly each time ears are checked.


We were sent a Tommee Tippee thermometer in return for this post.  We were not obligated to give a positive or favourable review and all opinions are mine alone.

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  1. Gosh what a scary experience. This thermometer sounds great, although annoying to have to buy covers for it. We do need a thermometer though and I love that it stores past readings.

  2. That sounds like a great product to have for little ones. I remember back in the day when temperature were taken very differently in a place not so comfortable.

  3. How scary! This thermometer looks more useful than the numerous ones we've had in the past. It's a good idea for it to switch itself off.

  4. Actually I have never try that kind of thermometer but I think that I is great to be use hoping that I have that one soon.

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