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P J Masks Super Moon Adventure PartyThis morning one of our well known and lovely delivery people arrived with a huge box, she hauled it up onto the doorstep and said, “As soon as I got in and saw this box at the depot, I knew it was for you.” Haha. The box is ENORMOUS and full of PJ Masks toys for us to show you!  What I can’t believe is that there’s a SECOND box to come – there are SO many new toys out this season ready to go onto Father Christmas lists everywhere and the boys are bursting to show you.

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October 17th, 1-3 p.m

The hashtag will be #PJMasksToys.

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys

So, what have we got to show you?  Here’s the rundown:

PJ Masks Deluxe Figure Set

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure ToysIt’s so much more fun when you have all of the characters to play with, especially the bad guys!  I think there’s a new and updated set including the new wolfy kids in it, but this set is brilliant – we loved the little glittery Ninjalinos in the set, and now we have all of the articulated figures we love and a little cat, bird and gecko too – not forgetting the splat!

PJ Masks Speed Booster Vehicles and Figures – Catboy, Owlette and Gecko!

There is nothing that’s more fun than racing your characters – and thanks to the new Speed Booster Vehicles, each of the PJ Masks has a secure seat to sit in, ready to race down the road.  It does take a bit of force to get them into their seats safely but once in, if the vehicle takes a tumble, the PJ Masks figure is safe inside – and reminds the boys as to why we wear seatbelts!

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Space Rovers with Figures – Catboy, Owlette and Gecko!

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys

The little space rovers that come with the figures in this assortment are very sleek and fun, and a change from the larger vehicles that the trio drive.  Each rover has little handlebars that the character can hold and yet another accessory for helping out with missions on the Moon!

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figure and Accessory Set – Catboy, Owlette and Gecko!

These have been the most loved figures – because there are brilliant accessories with them!  Each PJ Masks character comes with a little Super Moon Adventure rocket pack which actually lights up, a little space helmet and two more accessories each.  I thank my lucky stars that each of the boys likes a different PJ Masks character.

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket with Gecko!

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys

This Rocket has been flown everywhere it possibly can be in our home – it looks like a giant bird when rested on its legs and has a pop-out ramp for Gecko to come out of, although the other PJ Masks have also taken a tour down the chute too.   Gecko comes with the set and so Hero thinks this is the best new set ever, and there’s a button on the top of the rocket which makes whooshing sounds and flashes lights.  All three of the PJ Masks can also fit inside the rocket’s cockpit to fly together – and the rocket can bet set up on its end ready to launch too.

NEW PJ Masks Mission HQ

This is the all new and super improved version of the HQ we have and the boys LOVE it.  There are three different levels with fun on each one – a lightning bolt cage, rocket launcher, trap door, and a brilliant light and sounds control panel which sings out PJ Masks phrases!

We had the best time at our party and even though the weather was a bit dingy, we managed to have fun painting our rocket piggy banks, drawing our own rockets and playing spot the difference with PJ Masks HQ!

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys

Yotie decided that Romeo should be the one to be naughty in this episode…

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys

We hope you enjoy the twitter party!

All products are available at Smyths and of course, on Amazon.  We were sent the products for the purposes of the twitter party but all opinions are our own.

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