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I can’t remember a time when my cupboards have been less stuffed with plastic carrier bags than now thanks to trolley bags.  On average I think we used around 20 bags a week – and with the introduction of the 5p charge that would be costing me at least £1 a week.

It would be – but it isn’t, thanks to being offered the opportunity to review Trolley Bags.  I’ve seen a few versions of the reusable shopping bag, but this set I fell in love with – and feel quite smug in certain supermarkets with *cough* Aldi *cough*.  I’ve actually beaten the checkout person three times so far which for some reason seems to annoy them but amuses me greatly. No more panic and stress as they throw my pizzas at me!

The Trolley bags come in a set of four, numbered in case you mix them up.  There are two colour combinations to choose from and they’re made in the kind of material that reminds me of my mom’s surgery scrubs.  The set graduates in size to fit and sit in an average trolley neatly, and each bags is suspended by way of encased plastic tubing so that they don’t sag.

The bags are also fastened to each other with velcro so that once you’ve reached the checkout, you can take your empty trolley to the far end, undo the velcro which also keeps them bound together like an archer’s set of arrows, and spread them out into your trolley.  A beautiful concertina of neat shopping.  I quite love mine.

trolley bags  trolleybags003 trolleybags004 trolleybags005

Remember when packing that whilst filling the largest bag with all of your frozen goods is not the best plan as when you reach the car, it’s like watching the worst competitor on Britain’s Strongest Man in action.  People will feel sorry for you, but laugh all the same.

I keep the smallest bag for my eggs and the random bits and pieces that my boys pick up on the way around our trip and they love carrying their own sized bag in from the car.

I’d just like to add that we recently used ours as beach bags for the towels and the mesh bottom meant by the time we’d gotten off the beach, most of the sand had gone!

We love our trolley bags – you can buy yours here for £19.99.  We received ours in return for an honest review.

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    1. They take great pride in watching people struggle, I’m sure. I so want to ask them if they are trained to go faster than the customer at all costs – because last time I’m sure she was panicking I was winning 😉 They were AMAZING on the beach – we had so much less sand in the boot afterwards!

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