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We were gifted the Twisty Petz Cuddlez and Series 3 toys but our opinions are our own. We want you to trust our reviews – if you feel we’ve missed something, get in touch. This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. This means that if you click through to Amazon and buy something, we may receive a small amount of commission, with no cost to you.

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twisty petz cuddlez purrella
Poor Purrella Kitty… Twisty Petz Cuddlez.

We’ve been unexpected fans of Spinmaster’s Twisty Petz for quite some time now – and so we always welcome new additions to our collection, but this time we received something even more exciting – one of the Twisty Petz Cuddlez.

twisty petz cuddlez purrella in box kitty
Twisty Petz Cuddlez in the Box


Twisty Petz Cuddlez add a whole new dimension of snuggliness to the Twisty Petz Range. We were sent Purrella the Kitten to love. Just like the beaded Twisty Petz, Purrella can be untied and redone over and over, and worn just like the bracelets too. For some reason, the boys seem to find it easier than me to reassemble Twisty Petz, so I leave them to it.

Purrella is soft, huggable and very adorable. You can also buy a dog, unicorn or sloth. All of them are gorgeous and brightly coloured, fun toys.

twisty petz cuddlez purrella
The softest kitty in the universe


twisty petz cuddlez purrella

There’s an instructions sheet which should make it easy – but we got into all kinds of wrestling difficulties. In the end we made it but we aren’t entirely sure we did it right. There was a lot of laughing and shrieking about Purrella. Apparently you should pull and sort of twist them to untangle – but only once you’ve got them into the scarf assembly pose.

It looks as though you connect them to make the scarf, then twist the front legs, then the back legs. I’ve no idea what we were doing. Our Twisty Petz Cuddlez is very cute though.


Yes! There are three parts to Twisty Petz Cuddlez Purrella and each one can be clipped together to make a Twisty Petz scarf. Our boys thought it was funny to wear a cat scarf with all of the bits clipped together, and Hero kept talking to her and asking how she was with her body all chopped up. I kept him talking to her, as it was only a matter of time before Twisty Purrella became less of a scarf and more a battlecat, being wielded as she swung through the air and causing havoc. Haha.


With 70 new Twisty Petz to choose from, the cuteness has gotten greater with the addition of lip balm in one of ours. Whilst initially I was annoyed that Twisty Petz appeared to be taking the “these are pink and pretty and for girls” route like most cute animal toys, I’ve reasoned with myself that lip balm [and indeed all make-up should and] is for everyone, and got off my soap box there. I love Twisty Petz because as someone who has trouble keeping my hands still during conferences and the like, these give me a quiet distraction. I wish I’d had them for my class when I was teaching. They’re almost therapeutic even.

There are single and multipacks of Twisty Petz to buy – we usually get ours at Smyths or from Amazon, and they make brilliant gifts. Don’t underestimate the playing potential of the Twisty Petz – they’re far more than they look on the outside.

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