3 Romantic Destinations for a Special Wedding Anniversary

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Honoring the passage of time as you go through life together is a great occasion
to celebrate each year, whether it’s the first year of marriage or the 50th. True
romance, for those who like seeing the world, can only be found on the road.
Here are 3 of the most romantic destinations in the world, perfect for celebrating
your wedding anniversary.


It’s simple to understand why Iceland is touted as the perfect place for nature
lovers. The country is home to glaciers, waterfalls and beaches made of black
sand. However, this setting is also ideal for a lovely honeymoon. The Blue
Lagoon in particular has brought recognition to Iceland, because of its
astounding beauty. The Silica Hotel at Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to spend
a few nights and indulge in luxurious spa sessions, like the innovative couple
float therapy, and in amazing local cuisine. Outside, the island offers incredible
scenery and breath-taking nature: glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes and much


It’s no surprise that couples can find a lot of fun activities to do in Paris. You can
feel the city’s romantic atmosphere from nearly every place you go. The
beautiful landscapes surrounding Paris have long served as muse for writers,
painters and filmmakers. Songs have been written praising this remarkable
metropolis. Spend some quality time together while taking in the breathtaking
panorama of Paris from the Eiffel Tower’s Champagne Bar. This is a great option
for a romantic evening in the city of love. Enjoying a bottle of champagne at the
peak of the Eiffel Tower while taking in the city’s most iconic landmark is a must
for every couple celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary in Paris.


Tuscany is brimming with opportunities to show your love and spark romance.
There is no shortage of picturesque villages and towns in Tuscany, each with its
own unique character and a special story to tell as it revolves around its central
piazza or winding streets. Such picturesque locales are ideal for a strolling
couple to have some quality time together. The town of Lucignano, near Arezzo,
is affectionately known as “the hamlet of love” due to the presence of a museum

housing a unique artefact: a tree fashioned entirely out of gold. There is a myth
that says kissing in front of the tree will make your love last forever.

Remember that your accommodation arrangements are just as crucial as your
choice of romantic getaway location while making your plans. Some all-inclusive
resorts restrict entry to adults only and have special amenities for couples.
Create the most memorable anniversary trip possible and treat yourself to the
thrilling and romantic experience you both deserve.

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