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Candles are a hot commodity in my family – my mom has always adored them, and now the love is spreading in my home too.  Jensen and Lyoto recently accompanied me on a trip to begin my usual seasonal candle haul for Autumn cosiness and managed to entertain most of the staff in the store with deep inhalations of every votive candle they could touch and exclamations of “ohhhh! That’s SO GOOD, Mom!” or “Eurgh! Euuuurgh!  That’s DIS-GUSTING! That smells like *insert imaginary smells of 4 and 6 year old boys here*”  My current autumn favourite is one from last year which smells like croissants and pain au chocolat, but I can only use that downstairs because if it was upstairs, I’d be distracted from sleeping and want to be popping pastries in the oven throughout the night.

landon tyler candles

We were sent beautiful products from Landon Tyler candles including a diffuser set to try out and as we got to choose the scent, I decided on a seasonal smell of Wild Berries.  This scent has a delicious combination of cranberries, raspberries [my favourite] wild roses and sandalwood.  I’d never used a diffuser before but it smells so good in the bathroom as it drifts out to my room.  It’s seasonal without being dedicated to either autumn or winter – it doesn’t scream Christmas, which I love as it’s still November and I’m trying so hard to keep a lid on my Christmas-addiction this year.

The Landon Tyler candles retail at £8 and the diffuser at £10 and so they’re amazing value – and look fantastic thanks to their simple, clean design.  Now I just need to keep my mom away from it.



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