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It’s time to look back on what we’ve been up to this December and the snapshots that I’ve loved.  It’s fun just to pull out the moments that wouldn’t normally make it onto the blog, but which are special little moments to me.  The point of Snapshots and Scenes each month is for us all to share those little moments, and capture what the month has been for us all.  You can join in with photos and/or video – we keep our videos to 60 seconds – and share with us!  So, here are ours for December 2017…

Above, the boys all enjoyed dressing up as Christmas Elves to watch Beans sing in his pre-school performance.  Hero surprised us all by being one of the most enthusiastic without any stage fright at all in front of us.  All of the crazy little snippets of songs we’ve been hearing him sing about the house finally made sense and he was so proud afterwards to take us around his pre-school Christmas fayre where we bought some books and the boys got to visit pre-school Father Christmas for a good chat about the reindeer.  Yotie was delighted since he won a jar of sweeties on the tombola and Daddy and I were delighted that the pre-school fayre was far less crowded than the school ones and we were able to walk [and breathe easily] around the hall.

We also found a Christmas tree farm right on our doorstep which we were really happy about as usually we drive miles and miles to cut down our tree each year.  This year Jens cut his own down with his brothers for their bedroom.  He was so proud and carried it all the way.  I was also very happy as in between the meltdowns and tantrums at the farm, I got a photo of me and the boys.  Yes, I was wearing scruffs, no make up and Hero’s ‘troll’ hat, but I do love it.

This might be one of my favourite December photos yet.  To celebrate the tree cutting, they all did their own celebration.  I still don’t get what the point of the dab is, but Gav and Jens are always doing it.  Hero is sticking with the air punch. Ha ha.

Headlands Farm Fishery Christmas Tree Farm

He’s growing up so fast, and so I wanted to include a photo of Jens at Christmas, eating his way through one of his cookies.  I still look back at the day he was born and remember how sleep deprived I became and how I never thought I would make it to toddlerhood – and here I am, nearly 8 years later.  It’s crazy how fast time passes.  I want him to stay little so much.

Beans fell in love with our new rug and his little reindeer did too.  They spent an afternoon trekking through the snowy pile of the living room.  The rug is still beautiful and still white, just about.

And here, below and lastly for this month is a snap of the state of our home at Christmas.  And yes, that is a McDonald’s cup in the background, and yes, the boys are still in their pyjamas whilst they ate it.

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