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AD: We were sent these Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon 3 toys for the purpose of review.

HTTYD3 Toys Toothless Fire Breathing Dragon How to train your dragon 3 dreamworks

We now love How to Train Your Dragon films SO much that we even named our car after Toothless. We’ve been having fun with the HTTYD3 plushies, but did you know that there are also action toys of the dragons out there? There are – and they’re pretty incredible too.

We were sent Fire Breathing Toothless, a Deluxe LightFury with lights and sounds, and a Hiccup and Toothless action figure set to play with. Three boys means three dragons – Lyoto was poorliest and got Fire Breathing Toothless, Jensen took Lightfury and Hero had the littlest, because it came with Hiccup to ride and have adventures with.

HTTYD3 Toys Dragon How to train your dragon 3 dreamworks deluxe lightfury

Fire Breathing Toothless

Fire Breathing Toothless is quite amazing. He’s a glossy and scaly black with blue shimmers over him and his wings fold out and back so he can glide through the air and walk too. With the help of a little inside bit which you fill up with water, Toothless can produce a mist and lights that looks amazing. All you have to do once you’ve filled him up and added batteries is push the button behind his left ear and lights and smoke-like puffs of dragon’s breath come from him! There are also glow-in-the-dark projectile missile things that come with him which you can place into his mouth and push the button behind his right ear to fire!

Deluxe Lightfury

Lightfury is known as Mrs. Toothless in our house. Jensen owns this dragon now and she has poseable legs, glowing lights and rather ferocious dragony roaring sounds to boot. She’s also made of a very pretty plastic which shimmers and is very easy to operate by pushing the button on her back to pop open the bioluminescent {I always feel like Tamatoa from Maui whenever I say that word] wings and also to make the lights and sounds work. You can also collect Toothless and Stormfly Deluxe Dragons. She’s gorgeous and the boys love making the dragony noises constantly down the phone at Granny and Grandad. Haha.

Toothless and Hiccup

Hero claimed Toothless and little Hiccup as his own and it’s easy to see why. First, two toys and secondly, Hiccup is the boss with Toothless. We have secretly bought Jensen the Snotlout set and we are desperately trying to find Belch and Burp for Lyoto but despite ransacking the shelves of Smyths several times now, we haven’t managed to track him down.

Anyhow, the little Hiccup is so detailed – with his Dragon armour on [that Hero had to explain to Grandad all about] figure features amazingly detailed sculpting and looks just like the movie character. He even has the flame sword that we get a lecture on from Hero every time we mention. This is no ordinary Toothless either – you can make dragon missiles with him by loading him up and pulling back his back left dragon chop [we call legs chops at the moment] to fire! He’s the coolest by far and has joined the Playmobil set that we bought for Hero because it has a black and white little toothless Dragon too. We’re quite literally overrun with Dragons here. Send help!

HTTYD3 Toys How to train your dragon 3 dreamworks hiccup and toothless

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