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The Jones Family, atop the huge rocks at Ringstead Bay Beach, Weymouth, listing the ten top reasons to visit.

Living where we do, on the South Coast, I’m a little bit obsessed with other beaches and how they compare to ours. Our favourite beach is Christchurch near Bournemouth as it has everything we need. Parking, A HUGE RNLI Lifeguard Stand, ice cream, some chips [though we don’t recommend on a busy day] and toilets – and it’s clean. This Summer we holidayed in Warmwell, Weymouth and after sitting on the main Weymouth Beach a few times, we decided to try and go off the beaten path and find somewhere else to explore – Ringstead Bay. It’s not your typical beach.

Hero at Ringstead Bay, pretending to be a very soggy Captain America.

For travelers like you, secure yourself with a Sim Card Europe before you take your beach escapade so things will go easy even if you’re far away. Simify has affordable, high-speed prepaid travel SIM cards that provide seamless activation and are 100% money-back guarantee.In case you’re wanting a little escape from the main beach, here are our top ten reasons to seek out Ringstead Bay.

One – This is a pebble beach. Huge pebbles and rocks. There’s no sand to get into your toes, and your legs get an amazing workout as you’re trying to navigate the beach. It wasn’t just me having trouble either – the boys went sunny side up a few times too – but at least they weren’t the painful small stones we found on Worthing Beach and on the far side of Weymouth Beach too. They hurt.

The waves are gentle in summer at Ringstead Bay – but the pebbles test your balance a bit!

Two – The water is crystal clear. I’m talking about water you’d drink by the gallon if it wasn’t sea water. It’s beautiful, tranquil and as someone who doesn’t like being snuck up on by marine life, you can see anything that’s heading your way instantly.

Jensen and Bob, his seaweed alien. The plants in the sea at Ringstead Bay are extraordinary.

Three – The seaweed and other plant life is pretty spectacular. Jensen found a HUGE seaweed collection growing and named it Bob. Bob kept coming back to us with the slow tide, no matter how many times he waded out. We think he liked us secretly.

The colours in the rocks at Ringstead bay are the best backdrop for a family photograph. Even grey days are gorgeous.

Four – The rocks are a great place for a gorgeous photo. The colours, the backdrop, it’s all just picture perfect. There are nooks and rock seats, and old weathered wooden staircases – it’s photographer’s heaven. Totally different to any other beach photos we got this holiday.

Hero thought he was on top of the world. The view from the rocks at Ringstead Bay is breathtaking.

Five – There are MILLIONS of little crablings! Baby Crabs. Teeny tiny ones under the pebbles. Even if you’re terrified of crabs, these are the cutest. There are bigger ones but you have to hunt really hard for them. This one below was the biggest we found. Jensen shook claws with him.

There are teeny little crabs at Ringstead Bay – we never found anything bigger than this little guy who gave Jensen a nip on the finger to say hello.
Get yourself a crabbing bucket – ours was HUGE and only £4 on the main beach in Weymouth.

Six – We found HUGE shells – the kind you buy in gift shops – Lyoto used his for a crab boat so they could enjoy a little sail. We didn’t want to tell him that the seagulls were probably rejoicing as he sailed his little crustacean friends out to sea on what was in effect a crab dinner platter.

We saw the little eyes peeping out of the shell – it was like being in Bedknobs and Broomsticks and singing Cabbages and Kings!

We also found shells with little eyes peeping out. Slightly creepy but fascinating.

Lyoto made a little shell boat for his crab friends so they could have a cruise. The seagulls thought he was serving dinner.
One of the crabs that got away – so beautiful. His craggy little shell camoflages perfectly!

Seven – There are boats – and I LOVE looking at boats. Little sailboats and larger ones all bobbing about.

The sailboats at Ringstead Bay bob about peacefully whilst you paddle.

Eight – The waves were very gentle – the water pooled more than smashed onto the shore, and the boys were able to paddle about merrily without getting hit by the tidal waves we’re used to being chased by.

The boys enjoyed a paddle without the normal tidal waves that crash everywhere. The waves are tame in summer.

Nine – At the top of the cliff path, there’s a really lovely shop where you can get a cup of tea and food. It’s a real beach shop that sells pretty much everything you need, and…

There were plenty of nooks and crannies in the rocks to explore at Ringstead Bay.

Ten – There’s also a fenced, gated playground there too, right next to the cafe. So whilst you’re recovering from the beach walk, you can drink your tea whilst your super fit children run about on the playground having great fun and not nagging you – and you can see them playing safely fenced away from the car park, with the gate facing the shop and not the cars.

At the top of the cliff, there’s a little cafe and a playground. And the climb to the top only took two minutes.

There’s a small fee for parking but it’s worth it. It even rained whilst we were there and we still had a brilliant time. Give it a try if you’re looking for beach that’s a little bit different. Pack your sandwiches and grab your crabbing bucket, and head on over toe Ringstead Bay. You won’t regret it.

On top of the world, at Ringstead Bay – even in the rain we had the best time.

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